Children's Art Classes in Katy

Carson's Little Artisans
These classes are for children ages 6-12.

Children's Art Class Program:

In our Children's art classes they will enjoy working with their teacher to create their own beautiful masterpiece.  We will use the grid method which helps teach them how to draw what they “see” instead of drawing from memory. They may choose their own characters and subjects as reference to draw from, creating a realistic look or simple cartoon styles. On the first day each student paints a "color wheel" within an actual drawing so they can mix and apply colors on future projects. They will also learn how to use a variety of art media such as colored pencil, tempura paint, and pastels. This is a one on one program so each child can find their own path to follow, however we try to keep the program  challenging enough so they can grow and get better.

We offer after school art classes, summer art camps, spring art camps, and winter break art camps.  

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Once they have developed and learned techniques used in the general program then they can move on to the "Drawn to His Presence Program" if they wish.  


Drawn to His Presence Kids Program:

"Drawn to His Presence" is still in its development stages. 

Here is a sneak peak of some of our class ideas for this program:

 “Colors of Praise” 

Children can do ministry through their artwork. We will teach them how to use a scripture to form visual pieces. Interpretation of scriptures would also be part of each lesson. We would like them to pray over what they create and pray for the people that they create it for.

 “Bible Forget-Me-Nots”

 This art class will focus on learning scriptures through art. To allow the class to move quicker each student must start out in the basic drawing and painting class and learn the basics. This class will use symbols and images to help kids or adults visually memorize scripture. These will be simple quick drawings that convey the words or the idea of the scripture, and each chapter will have its own color or symbol to help memorize where in the bible the scripture can be found. Once a verse is memorized, they can use it to create a more advanced piece of artwork that reflects the message of the scripture.