Adult and Teen Art Classes in Katy

Art Classes are taught one on one. Each student works on their own personal project, allowing them to customize not only the program but the schedule to attend: once a week or every day. Students can sign up and join anytime throughout the year, including winter, spring, and summer art camps.

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General Program:

Fundamentals of Drawing

This is a prerequisite to all other art classes. We believe that developing structure and skill is an important foundation to creating advanced levels of art. This class introduces how          to "see" properly with the right side of the brain and includes fundamentals such as blind contour and negative space. This moves at the pace of each student. Advanced students often want to skip this. We assure them it will go faster in there case, but we need to see what they actually know. We keep it short and clear moving on to their first project as quickly as possible to keep the student interested. We need to cover the foundation or the rest of the students progress may be built on sinking sand.

Drawing II  

We will cover gesture drawing, proportions, and measuring. How to apply pencil. How to shade properly to get a realistic look. It will include drawing one animal of their choice and one face portrait. The face is an intensive thorough program on how to draw each individual feature and proper proportions to achieve that realistic life like look. Once you have completed these two steps the program frees up dramatically, allowing each student to choose their next path in Drawing III. 

Drawing III 

After completing the "Fundamentals of Drawing Class" and "Drawing II" students can move on from pencil and use the medium of their choice including: colored pencil, alkyd oil painting, acrylic or watercolor. Not only can they choose their own subject matter to work with, they can explore realism, abstract, or even cartoon styles. This is when the personality of each student comes alive and they find their own path in the arts. 

Prismacolor Pencil

Introduction to color using PrismacolorĀ® Pencil. This exciting medium offers a smooth transition from graphite pencil to full color illustration and the first step to painting in any medium. Create a finished color illustration of a subject of your choice. *Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Drawing and Drawing II

Alkyd Oil

Alkyd oil is a medium that is a mix between oil and acrylics.  It dries faster than oils while maintaining the fluidity of oils because it does not dry as fast as acrylics.  Students study beginning and advanced techniques of Alkyd Oil and Mixed Media. Beginning students learn the basics of painting from technique to composition. Intermediate and advanced students are encouraged and supported while developing their own style in a creative atmosphere.  *Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Drawing and Drawing II


Students will learn the basic techniques of watercolor painting including wet on wet, salt techniques, drybrush, blotting and many others creating a beautiful piece. Many people chose this media to attempt their first painting. It is actually more difficult that oil because you need to know what to do first and what to leave unpainted, while using bold and confident strokes of color to accomplish a true watercolor look. Beginners are lacking in both the knowledge and confidence. This is why attempting watercolor needs some extra patience and a class environment to be successful.

*Adobe Photoshop

Graphic design and photographic manipulation can can be fun and challenging.  We will help you learn  the fundamentals to gain some useful digital knowledge. This can be used to simply make photos look nicer or to create a dynamic logo with business cards. You can also create and color original digital art with this powerful and versatile program.

    *A laptop with photoshop may be required. 

Story Book Illustration

Come ready with your own story and we will help you through the process of illustrating and designing a complete print-ready book. From putting the paint on canvas to laying out your images with the words, we can help make your dream of illustrating your own book come true. 

Once they complete Fundamentals of Drawing and Drawing II students can choose to stay in the General Art Classes Program or move to the "Drawn to His Presence Art Classes" program.