Our Art Programs

General Program:

Both Teens and Adults are offered the same beginning fundamental drawing lessons required to gain the skills they need to draw on a more advanced level and be able to use those skills in various other mediums such as Alkyd Oil, Watercolor or Colored Pencil or if they choose they can continue in graphite pencil. We can help mold a talented artist into something more, but we also want to make sure the beginning artist can move past their fear of trying. Our style of teaching can help anyone find true satisfaction with their art, often beyond what they may have thought was possible.

These fundamental classes do not take long. The first few lessons will cover them more directly. However, to keep the class exciting, we will move onto drawing finished frame worthy projects within the  third to fifth class depending on each students skill level. I need to introduce the fundamentals to make sure they are understood. Once that is established we simply apply and continue to learn more fundamentals during actual drawings or paintings. 

Once you understand and have completed the first prerequisite classes then you can move on to our "Drawn to His Presence" programs, or simply continue in the "General Program" where you can pursue your own artistic endeavors for your pleasure.  Whether you are choosing to build an art portfolio for college or continuing in the program just for your enjoyment and to make new friends,  our program will  work with you.

For the Christian artist we encourage you to continue on to the "Drawn to His Presence" program.  We feel the Lord has truly given us a heart for artists who need direction in fulfilling the purposes He has for them in the Kingdom.  Most often times christian artists have trouble finding their role in the church and in the community.  We want to encourage you to pursue your dreams as a Christian Artist for His praise and His glory.

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