Drawn to His Presence, Children's Program

We believe that children can do ministry through their artwork. We teach kids how to use a scripture to form visual pieces that can be shared with others. Through our program we will encourage them to pray over what they create and pray for the people that they create it for. We have several different thematic lessons they can work through. They can do one program at a time or do one lesson multiple times.

"Music to your Eyes"
Does your child have a favorite worship or praise song they like to sing ? Sometimes we can sing songs but not necessarily think about What we are saying. We will discuss the song lyrics of their favorite Worship song and discuss what it means to them and interpret That song on canvas or board using paint, colored pencil or mixed media,. This is where artwork can become their instrument for praise.

"God's first Rockstar "
This lesson is focused on King David and the Psalms. David loved music. God revealed to David loving words of comfort and revealed His character through David's music. His songs have given us hope and healing from the Lord. We will take specific verses from the Psalms and help the kids create their own visual interpretation.

"Art on a Mission"
Kids can be little evangelists in the community. Does your child have a classmate in school that needs Jesus? Children can reach others by creating beautiful works for their friends and introduce the love of the savior, in and out of school. We will work with the kids to create art for the community, perhaps brighten up a neighbors day or make a beautiful piece for a Senior citizen. Children can show love and creativity and serve as Jesus did through Their own hands.

"Artistic Prayer Warriors"
Every one needs prayer and as artists we can bring new life to prayers with our artwork. In this class we begin with prayer asking the Lord who or what needs to be prayed for, Then create a visual piece of that prayer to give to someone, ourselves, or the church. We will also create points of contact for prayer such as a decorative prayer box, or inspiring words on a prayer cloth or pendent. This can help uplift, focus, or even inspire other to join the prayer warrior's cause.

"God's Handiwork"
This will focus on nature and animal. We will work on drawing realistic recreations of landscapes, animals, seascapes, or even outer space. God has created many things that are so majestic His greatness can be revealed through them.

"In His Image"
In this lesson students will focus on the value of who they are in Christ and the grace that covers them. We will explore ideas like: who God says we are, why He did what he did, and how to receive His gift. Kids may create pieces that represent who they once where and who they are now in Christ.

"Art for the Churches"
In this lesson we will produce works for our church and other local churches in
appreciation of our Pastors and the work of the church.

 “Bible Forget-Me-Nots” (Still Under Development)

This class will focus on learning scriptures through art, using symbols and images to help kids or adults visually memorize scripture. These will be simple quick drawings that convey the words or the idea of the scripture, and each section of the Bible will have its own color or symbol to help memorize where in the Bible the scripture can be found.

People from the Stories will be seen in cartoon form to connect an image with a personality. Students may even create their own drawn characters to help bring God's word to life. The more interesting or fun, the more kids will remember what they have read.