Drawn to His Presence Classes Adults/Teens

The "Drawn to His Presence" program was developed for the Christian artist who want to explore the spiritual side of their talents. Many christian artists have trouble finding their role in the church or the community. This program will not only help students grow their art skills, it can also change their perception about how it can be applied in the Church. We will study what it means to be an artist in the Kingdom working hand in hand with the Bible. They will create pieces that reflect their representation of scriptures in visual form, or explore what it means to worship and praise through drawing and painting. The art they create can become a beacon of hope and healing in the mission fields. We have created a variety of programs to choose from to help get the creative process started. Some may be group projects and others can be done one on one.

Many of  these classes are currently being developed.  Once a student has gone through our prerequisite fundamental art lessons they can explore these classes.

"Music to your Eyes"
In this class we will take a worship song, think about the words and interpret a visual to go with it's meaning, while allowing the Holy Spirit to help guide us. The images can be representational or abstract.  Each artist will receive a different message or interpretation, so each work of art will be unique to their perspective. This could be done individually or as a group, creating multiple images or one large mosaic of art. This can be combined with our Praise on Display class.

"God's first Rockstar "
David loved music. God revealed to David loving words of comfort and showed His character through David's music. His songs in psalms have given us hope and healing. We will use chapters or specific verses from the Psalms to create our own visual interpretation. We will also explore the imagery that his personal life story can inspire.

"Art on a Mission"
In this class we will focus on evangelism through artwork. This art can be obviously christian or take on modern day pop culture form of artwork that can catch the eye of the Lost. These pieces may not use typical images like a cross or Jesus or have scriptures in them, but can invoke a message that could be taken to the streets to help open up conversations and minister to those who are hardhearted toward God. These pieces may be displayed in community places such as schools, coffee shops, restaurants, banks, senior citizen homes, homeless shelters,th and other organizations. These can be done individually or in groups.

"Artistic Prayer Warriors"
Everyone needs prayer and as artists we can become prayer warriors using artwork. The Bible says that the "Prayers of the righteous avail much". Paintings can take our prayers to another level. Expressing them visually to inspire you, or others to join you in prayer. In this class we ask each other, and the Lord, who or what needs to be prayed for, they can also be given to someone in need, or the church. The art could take the form of angel's fighting the enemy, a family's new arrival , a warrior bride fighting for His cause, Jesus praying for the sick, People with addictions having broken their chains, healing events, or even the lost being saved.

"Symbolism of the Bible"
The Bible is rich with visual symbolism. Examples:  Bread represents Jesus because He is the bread of Life, it also represents provision, and sustenance to those that are poor. Hands and Feet represent "Jesus on a mission", Lamb represents Jesus as a "living sacrifice", Tree represents "righteousness". We will discuss the different symbolism used in paintings, along with colors and numbers and what they may represent in the Bible. We may also work with Greek and Hebrew words and focus on how they can make a translation closer to the original intent.

"God's Handiwork"
This will be mostly a nature and animal drawing class. You will learn how to draw realistically, focusing on nature studies and even portraits. God has created many things that are so majestic they can reveal His greatness all on their own.

"In His Image"
We will focus on the value of who you are in Christ, the grace that covers you, and how you are no longer defined by your past.  We will work on the names of God, and more importantly, the names God has for you. This can be combined with our Testimony on Display class.


"The "Art" of Marriage"
Possibly a date night or maybe a simple get away class. Husbands and wives can also work on paintings together, sharing what they value most in their marriage and each other. We will explore what God's definition of marriage may look like and some classes could become more therapeutic as we share how to forgive God's way, and create project to help heal the past. Sometimes those past problems originated before marriage but still have a profound effect on the current relationship. Working out life long problems as a team in a creative way may bring about a true resolution.

"Teens with a Trend"
Teens have unique issues that affect their lives. Together we will create artwork that can benefit their faith and the faith of others. Perhaps there are those at school that love a particular comic character, they may learn to take that character and give it a powerful message, or they can take a classic story of the Bible and give it a Manga comic twist. Sharing such drawings with friends can open new doors that may lead to conversations about the Lord.

"Art for the Churches"
In this class we will produce works for our church and other local churches or Pastors. These can be used  to give messages to their congregations or simply to display. This could help to bring churches together in a shared effort to inspire and reach out to the communities.
We will focus on the value of who you are in Christ, the grace that covers you, and how you are no longer defined by your past.  We will work on the names of God, and more importantly, the names God has for you. This can be combined with our Testimony on Display class.


"Praise on Display"
We will brainstorm and work on ideas for pieces of art that can married to Praise music. This can be done by one artist or as a group. They could create a visual or performance art piece that can be used during church worship or even the pastor's message. Combining images with music or a message can make a powerful statement that will be remembered. This could also be useful for deaf members of the church, helping them get a more fulfilling worship experience, either during worship or while creating the inspirational art themselves. This can be combined with our Music to Your Eyes class.

“Testimonial Tapestries”
Do you have a special testimony of how God restored your life, broke chains of addiction, healed your past, provided a need, restored your marriage, or simply expressed His love in an amazing way. Testimony paintings being glory to god of the work He has done in you. Our class will help people express and share their story within a painting that could inspire others to share their own testimony as well. This could also involve an upgraded version of the cardboard testimonies. They will reveal a more powerful image or colorful words to help represent their amazing transformation.

"Recovery Painting"
(This class will  be developed much further in the future)
In this class artists will work with an art teacher and an art therapist. We will do memory work that helps bring up past issues that need to be worked on and create art that can bring hope and healing. This can also be used with actual physical therapy to help with lost dexterity or mental functions.

"Forgiver, Forgiven, &Thankful"
This will be a more personal class. Creating painting that express gratitude for what God has done, and promised to do for us. It's also for working out forgiveness, giving and receiving, not only from each other but receiving it from God. This can produce very profound messages on an intimate personal scale, unlike a broader universal Worship painting. The art may not speak to as many people, but it will speak loudly to those specific few that can relate to the artist's message. The painter themselves may also discover a true deeper healing or sense of gratitude.

Students may need to go through a short prerequisite of fundamental art lessons before exploring these classes.

Children's Classes 

Here is a look at  some of our children's class ideas for this program:

 “Colors of Praise” 

Children can do ministry through their artwork. We will teach them how to use a scripture to form visual pieces that can be shared with others. Interpretation of scriptures would also be part of each lesson. We would like them to pray over what they create and pray for the people that they create it for.

 “Bible Forget-Me-Nots”

This class will focus on learning scriptures through art. To allow the class to move quicker each student should start out in the basic drawing and painting class and learn the basics. This class will use symbols and images to help kids or adults visually memorize scripture. These will be simple quick drawings that convey the words or the idea of the scripture, and each chapter will have its own color or symbol to help memorize where in the bible the scripture can be found. Once a verse is memorized, they can use it to create a more advanced piece of artwork that reflects the message of the scripture.