Drawn to His Presence

Drawn to His Presence Program: 

The "Drawn to His Presence" program was developed for the Christian artist who wants to explore the spiritual side of their talents.  We feel the Lord has truly given us a heart for artists who needs direction in fulfilling that purposes God has given them in the Kingdom.  Many christian artists have trouble finding their role in the church and in the community.  We want to encourage them to pursue their dreams as a Christian Artist for His praise and His glory.

In this program students will be transformed both in their art, the perception of how art is applied to the Church and why God created us as artistic people.  We will study what it means to be an artist in the Kingdom.  We are developing a program that will work hand in hand with the Bible, diving into scripture and creating pieces that reflect  our own representation of scripture in visual form.  We will explore what it means to worship and praise with our art and what it means to allow our art to be used as an offering of hope, healing and in the mission field.  Visit the Class Offerings link  to see a sneak peak for class descriptions  for this program.  These are class Ideas the Lord has placed on our hearts and may transform and adjust as we break new grounds.