Our Vision

    Carson's Art School is a family owned and operated Art Instruction School focused on developing the individual talents imparted into each of our students young and old. A desire was planted within them and it's our mission to nurture and grow that desire into a realized dream. Whether you're looking for a place to develop your creativity or you're seeking a career in art, we have the ability to further your art education.

     “ANYONE can learn to draw better…yes, even you!” Such a proclamation may sound like an overly optimistic line filled with motivational mumbo jumbo rigamaroo. Be assured, this is not a silly statement just to sell something. After my many years of teaching I found this statement to be true. I have personally seen a variety of young students, old students, and even handicap students improve their drawing skills in spite of their own artistic limitations or doubts. It takes patience and drive, but anyone CAN improve significantly if they will give themselves a chance to do so. That is usually where a potential artist’s problem begins, with their eagerness or willingness to “try".

     I meet so many people that are truly interested in art but have never really attempted to draw. They just don’t believe they can do it, or they attempted it once and failed miserably. They remain unaware of their own hidden potential. I have been teaching art since the age of 15. After consistently helping students succeed far beyond what they thought they where able to do, I began to realize something. Not only could I teach a student with artistic potential, I could also teach someone with no potential at all.  The most important requirement needed for improvement is simply a genuine desire to draw.

     If a person is not interested in something, no matter how hard they try, they will lack what is necessary to succeed. They can improve and do adequate work, but may never reach the level of achievement they expected. That is because they were driven by curiosity or achievement, instead of an authentic desire. If you do have a real passion for art, something else is vital if you want to pursue that dream;  a “positive attitude”.

     One’s belief is the main factor in determining the outcome for most things in life. A negative belief will bring poor results, a positive one usually breeds success. We want to help the numerous people that would love to draw but refuse to “Believe” they can.  Their inspiration is not in question. They simply don’t think they can do it, or even worse, someone else told them it was too difficult to try.

     My desire is to help beginning artists get past the exasperation of drawing so they can experience its exhilarating rewards. Like great music or a powerful movie, art moves a person in its own unique way. When you are the one that actually creates art that moves others, it can be even more powerful. Of course applied art is more than drawing, however drawing is the best place to begin. It gives a student a strong foundation to build everything upon. With out it, progress can get shaky and maybe even cause one to move backwards.

       We stress the fundamentals, but we also want our classes to fit the individual needs of our students. We teach One on One so each new artist can work on their own personal projects at their own comfortable pace. After the first few fundamental lesson the program is customized by the student. They're free to explore different media, subject matters, or styles. They may even what to try out our new innovative Drawn to His Presence program. 

     When you follow our lead, improvement Will happen. Soon your dream of doing satisfying artwork will have become a reality that you'll want to experience over and over.