Our Vision

      Years ago,  my parents  met at an art college in Detroit, Michigan and  I attended that same college two decades later. After graduating I moved to Houston and as Divine providence may have it, like my parents, I met the love of my life at an art school as well.  Heather and I both share a passion for the arts and teaching and now our family is continuing the Carson family's artistic tradition, from my parents to their grand children. Carson's Art School is our latest and greatest adventure.  It's fun to watch my children take part in building this new family endeavor.

     We are  excited about bringing our professional art classes to the Katy area. You don't have to drive all the way to down town houston to find quality art lessons. In fact, we believe our school can offer more because of the unique one on one personalized classes we specialize in. Come join our school and watch us grow as we help you grow artistically.

     If you think you have no talent, no problem. If you believe you have lots of talent I can still help you get to another level. I use the students own hidden and un-hidden potential to bring out their best. Give us a chance to show you just how creative you really can be.

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