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Lake House

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DRAWN to His Presence 

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Anyone can learn to Draw!

You may believe you don't have

artistic talent, but actually you simply haven't become talented Yet. 

Many potential artists don't even try to pursue their dreams because they think they need to be born with special abilities. Ability can come from effort and mentoring. After a few art lessons from us you may be surprised by your own untapped potential.Take a chance with your dream. Let us be your mentor and with a little effort we will give you a glimpse of just how artistic you actually can be.


After 30 years of teaching artists young and old Shawn has opened his own profesional portfolio art school in the Katy area. Potential artists can sign up and join our one on one art classes anytime during the year. We have art classes for All skill levels, from beginner to advanced in drawing, painting, and Photoshop. Each student moves at their own pace and uses the media they prefer. Try our weekly Art Camps during WINTER Break, SPRING Break, or all summer long  with our Kids and Teens SUMMER ART CAMPS in Katy.

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NORTH Katy, 22101 Morton Ranch Rd, Katy, TX 77449

NEW     SOUTH Katy, Cinco Ridge Dr, Katy, TX 77494